You may be eligible for basic compensation or increased compensation benefits from the U.S. Veterans Administration if:

  1. You have a disability which was incurred during military service and may have become worse;
  2. You have a disease or other condition which was incurred and treated during your military service and has recurred.

You may be eligible for a pension from the Veterans Administration, depending upon your other income if:

  1. You are a disabled wartime veteran unable to work;
  2. You are a veteran of any war;
  3. You are the dependent parent of a veteran who died in military action;
  4. You are the eligible widow of a deceased wartime veteran.

You may be eligible for certain educational and medical benefits, if:

  1. Your spouse/parent has a disability rated as 100 percent service connected� by the Veterans Administration;
  2. Your spouse/parent died of a service-connected disability. (You may also be eligible for other compensatory benefits.)

You are eligible for medical care from the Veterans Administration depending upon resource availability if:

  1. You require care but cannot afford to pay such care.

You are entitled to medical care for any condition from the Veterans Administration if:

  1. You are a veteran with a service-connected disability during peacetime or time of war.
  2. You are a WW1 veteran;
  3. You are a former prisoner of war.
  4. You were awarded the Purple Heart.

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